Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

it seems that you are having your own mission experience. Just remember that your greenie tranfer is the hardest, after that you are dead tired and want to go home but you just know your in it for the duration. I didn't know you were teaching, what subject is it? Have you decided if the focus of this part of your life is going to be on strengthening family unity or building the kingdom in a very remote part of the world? I'm interested to know what mission work is like in Saudi Arabia. This week was really great. I was at the end of my rope thinking that I was always going to be held back by my insufficiencies but I realized something important. God can do anything. Even if I can't do everything that I want to do I CAN do everything he wants me to do, because if he wanted me to do more than he would just give me that strength and cause it to happen. I thought it would decrease my productivity but it seems that I am now even more successful than before. Anyhow I have been fasting twice a week for my area and to know what God wants me to do here and on Monday I spent 30 mins of my personal study time in prayer. I felt like the heavens opened and I was given specific direction about 9 people in my area to bring them to the waters of baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost. My goal this transfer was only 6 but I had no idea who those people could be. So if you are praying for me at all will you not pray for me to receive blessings but please pray that the people in my area can be blessed to accept the gospel. My district is absolutely amazing right now. I think that there really is a slice of 4th Nephi in my district. If the whole world was like our district everyone would just be happy. Dad wrote me about after my mission but I don't know what to do. I got a blessing about it and I just was told that when the time came to go home I would be given the keys that I needed to know what the Lord wanted me to do in my life. So I won't think about it again until necessary. I am praying for you and our family. Don't give up on family scripture study and prayer. I know it's hard. I repent for not contributing every time I have an investigator that refuses to read or pray. I guess a mission and a family are pretty much the same.

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