Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

This week was the biggest holiday in Korea, the Harvest. So this last week was pretty slow. I went on a split for two days to do some training in Mokpo which is on the beach and that was kind of fun. Besides that we spent a lot of time with our investigators and members eating and talking but because of the holiday we weren't allowed to proselyte or knock doors. Yesterday was our P-day but the wasn't any place open to email so we are just emailing today and then we will go out to work. I have been studying a lot about mercy and justice lately. One sister that I am pretty close to believes pretty much according to Spencer W. Kimball in the miracle of Forgiveness. She thinks we pretty much have no chance of receiving salvation and that we much do everything in our power to overcome the fallen man and then throw ourselves on the mercy of God. I see where she is coming from definitely. But the point of the whole thing is that when I think of how awful my sins are then I get really depressed, because I think no matter what I do I will never be able to do enough works to every overcome those sins. Yesterday we went fishing with our district and I talked to one of the Elders about it. He said that he thinks that the mercy part is more than our comprehension and that really the people who won't receive salvation are the ones who didn't allow themselves to accept it. I don't really know what is true. I know that sometimes when I study about the atonement then I just feel an overwhelming sense of peace and resolution, but sometimes I just look at how much I'm lacking and think that I am the vilest of sinners. I don't know. So the point is will I receive salvation or not? I wonder if I can know that now or not. Anyhow it seems that all the answers in life come down to pray and receive a sure answer from the Holy Ghost.

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