Saturday, July 26, 2008

Advice for Mission Leaders: Using Book of Mormon To Motivate in Member Missionary Work

I recently moved to a new ward in South Carolina. During the priesthood opening exercises a young man with a very prominent goatee got up and held up a blue paperback copy of the Book of Mormon and said does "Anyone want to take the Book of Mormon challenge this week and make a report next week."

Every week someone accepts the Book of Mormon and tries to give it to a acquaintance or friend. Then they are expected to make a report of what takes place. One brother came up and said that he gave it to his sister who was experiencing problems in her life. She wasn't fully ready for the gospel at this point in life because she had some relationship issues but that she accepted the book and he felt it planted a seed that one day might have results.

The interesting thing is that not everyone has a startling story of success to tell but people take the book and make an attempt to share it with a friend. It makes you feel a little uncomfortable when you don't take the book. I have been thinking since I only moved here four weeks that I don't really know anyone to give the book to yet. I then think about Bookslinger who was mentioned in M. Russell Ballard's talk who goes around to gas stations and restaurants and gives it away to complete strangers. I am sure if we prayerfully seek an opportunity that we would be able to place the book each week with little trouble. I have recently wondered why missionaries don't place more Book of Mormons by standing in front of places like the local public library and try giving them away. I guess they need members like me to buy them a few cases of Book of Mormons. The ward mission leader tries to place the book if no one takes it so that the momentum of the placements keep moving forward. I could see how it would be difficult if no one takes the challenge. I have been very impressed by this Book of Mormon placement program.

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