Friday, July 25, 2008

Advice to Senior Companions

I had a couple of senior companions from the South Carolina Columbia Mission over for dinner the other night. I told the Elders that they had to earn their supper by giving me five things that I could share on my blog with other missionaries that would make them a good senior companion.

One of the Elders gave me things that came directly from the Preach My Gospel Guide:

  1. Be Obedient.
  2. Lead and be led by the Spirit.
  3. Know the lesson principles.
  4. Bear pure testimony.
  5. Resolve concerns.
The other missionary was more in to interpersonal relations and gave what I thought were exceptional suggestions:

  1. Contact like crazy, nothing happens unless you have someone to teach.
  2. Be obedient.
  3. Involve your companion in planning and other activities.
  4. Don't bash, arguing gets you nowhere.
  5. Remember to have fun, missionary work is always better when you're happy!
The two elders come from a mission where their mission president Stephen L. McConkie, son of Bruce R. McConkie and their former mission president Kenneth Brailsford stress the importance of obedience.  Being a former M. Russell Ballard missionary I have to agree that it is better to be an obedient missionary and adhere to the missionary rules.

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