Thursday, July 24, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy: Sacrifce of Member

Cari Miei

So this week I am super stanca because our district took a train and went to Tivoli the city of 1000 fountains. I have never seen so many fountains in my life it was absolutely beautiful. I am stanca da morire. I had so much fun.

So here it goes, I have the next 5 mins to sum up this week...I love you all super a lot. This week our investigator with a baptismal date came to church for the first time. She will get baptized in 2 more weeks. My whole mission I have tried to teach Italian families so that we could grow the church and make it stable for generations. This woman is all alone and comes from a Muslim background. I dont know how much you know about it but we are not allowed to teach Muslim people without permission from the area authority.

This woman will go back to Tunsia after her baptism where it is strictly illegal to bring in religious material it being an Arab country. I am pretty much amazed daily by her dedication and desire to sacrifice everything to come unto Christ through baptism.Sometimes in the mission and in life, we don't control from where we come or where we will end up, but I know that it we have faith and act on that faith that God will provide a way. With that faith we are going forward... sempre avanti. I know that God will take care of her 1 Nephi 3:7.

VI Voglio Bene

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S.Faux said...

Dr. B:

We American Latter-day Saints have a cake walk. Life is pretty easy. We need to remember that the LDS people outside of our culture are the real pioneers in our modern times. The growth of the Church in the far corners of the world will depend much more on them than upon us U.S.ers. I bow to the lady from Tunisia. She has much at stake.