Saturday, December 4, 2010

Online Missionary Purpose: Elder Tabor LDS Online Missionary

As a missionary for the lord Jesus Christ our purpose is to invite everyone to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. Every day we go around and try to share the gospel with everyone we meet. We talk with them and teach them about Jesus Christ and how he has again called a prophet to the Earth today, Joseph Smith. And how through him Jesus Christ restored his church to the Earth. The same church that he set up when he was here.

In order for us to truly invite everyone to hear our message we have began to use the Internet as well as a medium to spread our message. Everyone has access to the Internet and has the opportunity now to talk with us missionaries on there. As a missionary we are called to certain missions throughout the world and have been limited to that area when it comes to sharing the message we have. I have been called to serve in the Montana Billings Mission which covers most of Montana and the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, and until now have been confined to those borders to share the gospel. Now that we are using the Internet as well I have the opportunity to share the gospel with anyone, any where in the world.

Another reason for us being online is to help people have a source of truth. There are many groups who would try to destroy what we are doing by publishing and distributing falsehoods about the church. We now have the ability to share our story the way it really happened. We can teach people the truth and flood the Internet with it. We can finally take back this tool that has been given to us from the adversary who has been using it to destroy the human mind with all the vulgar things that he has placed on here.

I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and know that he has called us to spread his word. Through a Prophet of God I have been commissioned to spread the good news that he has given to his children. I hope that all of you can find this same happiness, it only comes through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

With love,

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