Friday, December 24, 2010

To California or Bust!

My journey to be here began long ago in the year 2008. The day I decided to go on a mission, I knelt in prayer and told Heavenly Father that I wanted to serve. I asked Him that If it was right for me, that He would provide a way.That decision has seen me through some of the happiest moments of my life, and also some of the hardest.

I quit school, and started working two jobs. Those were very hard days for me, and It was filled with uncertainty. What if I quit school and didn't even make it on a mission? How could I possibly save up so much money in the time line I wanted? The price of going on a mission was $7,200. Despite those concerns, I tried to turn to the Lord and put my faith in Him.

I struggled with opening my paper work in the singles ward I was attending. While I was in Rexburg, Idaho I had my wisdom teeth removed ( a great experience all on it's own ). I decided it might be easier if I flew back to Indiana.

I started working at a factory during the night shift. I was making good money and started saving. I had high hopes of raising enough money and going on my mission soon. Unfortunately, the whole shift was let go and I was back out job searching. I landed a job as a waitress making 3.25 hr..with tip, but it was a small town and I was left to my original will I ever make enough?

With much pondering and praying, I decided to take a leap of faith.

I put my availability date as July 4th...not knowing if I would have enough by then. I submitted my papers and trusted that God would provide a way.

He did.

Two days later, my Mother called me up and offered me exactly the amount I needed... if I came to Minnesota and worked for her.

God will provide miracles... He has in my life. 

Sister Emily White

California Santa Rosa Mission

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