Monday, March 28, 2011

Church and Sports?: How I Use Sports to Discuss the Gospel as an Online Missionary

I have been called to invite others to come unto Christ! What a wonderful calling in this world that so desperately needs the knowledge of a Savior. I have been assigned (in addition to normal missionary work) to use the internet to fulfill my purpose! Today technology is HUGE, so why not use that to our advantage as we seek to bless the lives of the people in the world?

Being an online missionary forces me to be creative. I have even recently joined the blogging world! I think it is fun coming up with ideas of things to write about; thinking how I can relate to others. I use sports as a comparison to gospel principles because I spent much of my growing years dedicated to athletics. I find it enjoyable to make connections between the two things that mean a great deal to me: sports and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Being an online missionary is something I never imagined I would be doing as a part of my missionary service. It is very neat to be able to be a part of the day that “the knowledge of a Savior [is being] spread throughout every nation, kindred tongue, and people.” (Mosiah 3:20)

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All Day said...

Excellent idea. I also used my mission as a platform to share my thoughts and feelings about the gospel in my life. My Dad would then edit and post them on a blog that he maintained. The results can be seen on:

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Elder Lee Jepsen