Friday, April 22, 2011

More Than I Asked For. Better Than I Expected

When I signed up to come on a mission I did not know what to expect,I knew I would be knocking doors and having long days, but I did not realize how tired I would be all the time! I had expected to be studying but never did I realize the intensity that would prevail in those study sessions. Yes my mission was more than I asked for... but it has been much better than I expected! Yes I am tired most often, but I am happier at the end of every day then I have ever been. If there is anything to be tired of it is sharing the restored gospel. Yes we study a great deal, but now I know truly what i believe and my testimony of my Savior has grown and I know how to apply the gospel to all those wonderful people I meet. My mission was more than I asked for but it is much better than I expected. I am Sister Austin, and I am serving in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.

Now, in our mission we have the new pilot program for Internet missionary work! I never expected my mission to extend to facebook and blogspot... No not ever! It was very hard at first, but yes it is much better than I expected. With this new program we get to spend time every day on using these new wonderful tools to extend the message of the gospel to all parts of the world! With more and more people using the internet and facebook we are able to reach these people in their element. 

We browse and and other church websites to find articles videos and other media and talks and directly apply them to those we are sharing the gospel with. The Restored Gospel is in dire need to be shared with all, in all of the far reaches of the world and the Internet is a huge step in making that happen. I love being an Facebook and Blog spot missionary because This message is true and I want to share it in all ways available! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and I am so thankful to be a missionary declaring the message of the Restored Church.

Sister Sara Austin, Tennessee Nashville Mission

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