Monday, April 22, 2013

People Understand the Spirit

AHOJ RODINA! Jak se mas??? That's not the right way to spell it in czech but I don't have enough time to keep changing the keyboard back and forth to Czech because I want to tell you all the amazing things that happened this past week.
FIRST OF ALL, WE GOT TO HEAR FROM AN APOSTLE!!!! AHHHH Elder Scott came and talked to us about prayer. It was so amazing. Being in the room with an apostle of the Lord was exactly what I needed especially after all the experiences that I have been having with prayer. He encouraged us to pray out loud. It was amazing. AND THEN he gave an apostolic blessing that we would learn our language and love one another and just ahhhhh, it was amazing. I still can't believe how amazing I felt. The spirit is so strong here. I can't believe I'm a missionary! I seriously can't wait to get to the Czech Republic. Only 4-5more weeks!!! It's my one-monthaversery and it feels like I got here last week. Which is weird because the days go by so slowly but the weeks go by in a flash. I really hope I'm doing enough and I'm working hard enough.
I got to have an interview with one of my teachers and it made me feel a lot better about the language (and the blessing helped too) but he said this language was really hard and that I was right were I needed to be. I am also learning that I will leave the MTC not knowing how to speak Czech. It's really sad. And that doesn't make me discouraged and it doesn't make me want to try less because I'm discovering that even though my Czech will be horrible, people will always understand the spirit!
Another amazing thing that happened this week was me and my companion were having a really bad day and so we took a walk around the MTC during our companion study and while we walked we were getting emotional about how our lessons were going and how we didn't know Czech and how we struggling but didn't want to be struggling because we knew how selfish it was, and then a teacher that we didn't know came up to us and told us that he had a prompting to read a scripture to us. He read Romans 8:18. It felt like something straight out of the Ensign magazine. That scripture was exactly what we needed. GO AND READ IT NOW! It's amazing. My companion and I then went and sat down on this little strip of grass overlooking a huge dumpster and prayed to Heavenly Father because we knew we needed help. I have been really trying to go to the Lord with a plan. I don't want him to think I'm lazy!!! But it seems like everytime I pray he tells me to do something differently, which is hard but has been good for me. I have been so humbled these past 4 weeks.But sometimes I just have to pray please help me to feel happy. It's hard, but it's good.
Finally yesterday was sunday, which is starting to be my favorite day of the week. I love having time to just think of all that I am blessed with! I hope you guys are taking time to feel the blessings of the Lord because he is blessing us so much! We got to hear from Sister Esplin, in the primary presidency and then from the BYU mens chorus. It was so awesome. Our topic was on faith in Jesus Christ and repentence. Both are so amazing. I am starting to love everyone in my district. They all have such strong testimonies! One guy was roommates with Davis Michaelson from our Stake in South Carolina. I didn't really know him, but it's cool how small the mormon world is.
Make sure you guys are praying. It's so important. I can't believe how stupid I was before my mission. These simple things we can do really bless us and they are so easy! So JUST DO IT. And if you have time you should watch the testiments. I had never seen it before and it's such a good movie.
Tell me everything that is happening at home. MICHAEL WENT TO PROM? What is Nikki up to? How is the Chicken (Gen)?
Thanks for everything you guys do!
s lasku,
Sestra Bruno

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